Thursday, April 10, 2014

4/9 CASA Executive Council Meeting (PC Only)

Below is a portion of the CASA Executive Council Meeting at North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG). I recommend turning your volume up to hear all the speakers. The room was somewhat large and the recorder didnt catch all the audio so I had to adjust during editing. Some key points include the following...
  • Unresolved technical issues with UNT radar
  • Addison radar to be up & running this weekend (4/12-13)
  • Cleburne radar May install
  • Ft. Worth radar June install
  • mobile Phased Array
  • CASA radar mobile app
The media reps included 3 Chief mets. From L to R-Pete Delkus (blue shirt/WFAA), David Finfrock (red tie/NBC5), and Larry Mowry (tan polo/CBS11)


Tuesday, January 7, 2014


For the 2100 TAFs main concerns were the onset of low level clouds and precipitation. Only change to this forecast from previous/18z was to delay onset of precip as most models have backed off on timing of upper disturbance.

Visible satellite shows low clouds moving north through the hill country this afternoon. Veered winds at 850 will keep the bulk of these clouds south and east of the terminals through evening hours. Winds aloft will begin to back, however, as the nocturnal low level jet strengthens, therefore, expect these clouds to invade the metro terminals by 0900. Cigs should be mostly MVFR around 2200.

In keeping with the previous forecast, expect cigs to lower through sunrise as deeper Gulf moisture is fed into the region. Eventually a combination of saturated air parcels reaching their LFC through isentropic lifting and through aid of several upper disturbances, expect onset of light rain mostly for eastern terminals but will include KDFW not to split hairs. As this occurs, cigs will lower to IFR around 010 to 012.

In the extended a weak cold front will come down Thursday morning and will push the bulk of the precip east, expect dryer low level air to raise cigs and eventually scattered cigs shortly after sunrise.

KDFW 072050z 0721/0912 18015KT 10SM FEW250
  FM080900 17010KT P6SM OVC020
  FM081500 17010KT 6SM  -RA BR OVC012
  FM091200 10005KT P6SM OVC020

Thursday, December 12, 2013

December Ice Storm

During the 1st week of December of significant freezing/sleet storm impacted much of North Texas with mostly sleet in the DFW area. A link to the storm summary will be posted soon.

ice storm, a set on Flickr.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Day at DFW

Yesterday I went up to DFW Airport to do some spotting and filming. Having grown up in an aviation family I have always had a love affair with planes and commercial jets. As a kid my family would take me to Memphis International to watch planes come in; I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Well after 9-11 and then with my time in college those opportunities all but went by the way side. Well thanks to twitter I discovered some avid spotters that led me to a few spots in and around DFW airport for spotting. These places, while very up close and intimate, are public/city property so I am not trespassing.

Regarding the media below, I scored big time on high-profile flights and wide bodies; nabbing the 2 longest flights in the world. Im still an amateur at video/photo so the video is a bit shaky and, unfortunately, not HD, thats my fault, I didnt check the settings before I left home. Also, while the video is a wee bit long, I highly recommend you watch it all as it builds to a big finale. Below is a list of airlines I saw (some not in media below).

  • American Airlines/American Eagle (of course)
  • AeroMexico
  • United
  • Delta
  • Alaska
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Frontier
  • WestJet
  • China Air Cargo
  • Eva Air Cargo
  • KLM
  • Qantas
  • Lufthansa
  • Spirit
  • UAE

whit4504's DFW spotting album on Photobucket

Special Thanks to @DFWheavy

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moore tornado-genesis (PC Only)


Part 2 is a bit shaky as I did not have a dash mount. I plan on getting a tripod for this years chase.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

5/1 Chase Log

A historically strong Arctic cold front set the stage for this days setup. It actually would have been more a setup if not for a wave migrating across the coastal waters off LA, but I digress. Due to unseasonably low shear, this day was either going to be an MCS event or anafrontal squall, the latter won out. The only reason I headed out was b/c the future of this chase season is in doubt, it was close, and instability was high thus I knew I'd see some great structure. Below are the pics/vids.

ouweatherboi69's 5-1 chase album on Photobucket





Late Season Cold...Continued

This is a follow up to a previous blog I wrote earlier in the year in relation to the historic low in Arctic Oscillation in March...Late Season Cold (March 16)

Yesterday an unseasonably and historically strong cold front plowed through the Central US ushering in cold that many locations haven't seen for May...EVER. Only once ever has DFW ever recorded a temperature in the 30s in the entire month of May (5/1/1907) and that record is set to break tonight as we bottom out close to freezing. Also many locations across the Central Plains and Upper Midwest are shattering May snow records with 6-12".

So what's behind all this...well two things, partly the anonymously low AO in March and a blocking pattern that set up that helped to drive down the anonymously cold air south. First off, the late season cold can be partly explained along the same lines as why we have seasonal peaks that are always a month or more after the astronomical equinox, the peak of summer is in August but the equinox is in June, likewise with winter. We hit a record low in the Arctic Oscillation in March (equinox) and were paying for it a month or more later. The Southern Plains has seen numerous record lows in the last month due to the AO but this latest push of Arctic air is by far the most historic given time of year. An example is shown below with this latest push. Highs Wednesday were mostly in the 80s in the Central and Southern Plains with some 90s across parts of West Texas. 24hrs later highs struggling to hit 50 equating to over 30 degree departure from normal

Here's a graph of the AO since New Years, you can see the record low AO around mid-March

Here's a single-day and 24-shot of the impact of this latest cold air blast

Here's the aforementioned blocking pattern that setup of in May that helped contribute to the unseasonably cold April